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March 3, 2016
10th National Science and
Ministry of National Education
Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı
Department review
Formed 1923
Department government

The Ministry of nationwide Education (Turkish: ) is a federal government ministry of the Republic of chicken, responsible for the direction of public and private academic system, agreements and authorizations under a nationwide curriculum. The ministry is headded by Nabi Avcı.


After 1910, a Higher knowledge workplace and a Libraries Inspection workplace were set up. Through the War of National Liberation, there have been two ministries of knowledge. The Ministry of Education associated with Turkish Grand nationwide Assembly was at Ankara, the Ministry of Education of Ottoman Government in Istanbul. After the Turkish Grand National Assembly had been exposed on 23 April 1920 a "Ministry of knowledge" had been founded for legal reasons # 3 of 2 May 1920 as one of the eleven ministries working beneath the Council of Ministers. In 1920 the Ministry of knowledge contained listed here five devices:

  1. The Program Committee
  2. Division of Main Education
  3. Department of Secondary Education
  4. Workplace of Turkish Antiquities
  5. Registry and Statistics Office

In 1923, the Ministry of knowledge in Istanbul was shut therefore the Ministry of Education in Ankara had been expanded and reorganized to incorporate eleven devices. In Republican duration, organization for the Ministry of Education gradually created and had been reorganized aided by the legislation no 2287 released in 1933.

The Ministry of National knowledge; has been organized underneath the following names:

  • "The Ministry of Education" from 1923 to December 27, 1935,
  • "The Ministry of nationwide Education" after October 10, 1946,
  • "The Ministry of knowledge" after 1950,
  • "The Ministry of National Education" after May 27, 1960,
  • "The Ministry of nationwide Education, Youth and Sports" after 1983,
  • "The Ministry of National Education" after 1989.
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