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October 21, 2015
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Foreign pupils are accepted based on “The Law in regards to the International Students Having knowledge in Turkey” and “Instruction Concerning the Acceptance of Foreign Students to Balikesir University”.

In Turkey, problems for acceptance of international students could be decided by the universities regarding the problem that they are authorized by advanced schooling Council (YOK). The quota and the acceptance circumstances associated with foreign students to be accepted in Balikesir University and also the times tend to be dependant on the University Senate having the some ideas of relevant academical division, chances are they are approved by advanced schooling Council (YOK) and all they're published on the net website of Registar’s workplace.

The acceptance of foreign pupils to undergraduate and graduate programs in Balıkesir University is in accordance with their results from internationally recognized examinations such as for example SAT, ATC, GCE AL, ABITUR etc. or secondary grades. Subsequent to conclusion for the application processes, the programs of prospects is evaluated by the division of pupil matters as an element of reserved quota for international pupils; on final subscription treatments is completed because of the organization they settle in.

The level of international applicants is set based on the outcomes they have often through the exam “Turkish Proficiency Test for Foreign Students” or from 1 of the Turkish tests of TC universities bound to Turkish academic centers. People that have inadequate Turkish levels tend to be issued leave of lack for 1 year to understand Turkish when they enroll.

Following the start of the educational 12 months their particular granted leave of absence students begin their particular knowledge in case there is taking diploma or certification corresponding to adequate Turkish level.

With this universities preregistration and aptitude test the application form and selection procedures into the pupils acknowledged departments tend to be done relating to announced time and circumstances by related Faculties and universities.

In pupil acceptance from abroad, documents needed for subscription are decided by our university senate annually and are usually established on our institution web page.


Candidates with the right to join up to department/programs that have a spanish preparation course is based on “Foreign Language training and concepts become conformed in Education in a language at advanced schooling Institutions” and “School of international Languages ​​Center language Level Examination Regulations”.

Application Req.

People just who obtained the right to be accepted to virtually any associated with the University’s traits, universities, vocational colleges has to make an application for subscription using the appropriate papers required by management of University in the timetable decided by the University management Board. Candidates who do not register and pay the tuition fee on time are going to be afflicted by drop their particular right for admission towards related division these people were admitted. Documents demanded because of the university administration may be the initial data or authorized copies of these data.

On initiating period of each semester, students have to pay the university fees fee also costs and restore their enrollment therefore the courses these are generally taking with all of them approved by their counsellor in the duration declared on educational Calendar.

Education Programmes whose Field of research is a foreign-language tend to be taught in Turkish however, in the event that connected board, senate and advanced schooling instution approves, at the very least 30 % associated with the classes can be taught in English.

Horizontal Department Programmes

Pupils who are already signed up to your division can create a Lateral part should they need to in addition to their main branch. Horizontal Branch Programme is certainly not a standalone level orıgramme.

Lateral Branch Programme is initiated in line with the need regarding the associated division, advice for the related board therefore the choice associated with senate. Problems linked to Lateral Branch Programme are determined in collaboration using department and also by the senate.

Double Major Programme

Students of a department can study at another department which might be in the same or different faculty or university and is related to just what he could be studying. Problems relared dual Major Programmes tend to be determined by the senate of this associated faculty/college.


Transfers to your Faculties, universities and vocational universities tend to be managed by the laws published on Official Gazette number 27561 on 24/4/2010 also it governs credit transfer terms between degree establishments, traits, double majors, lateral part programmes which can be carried out in line with the concepts dependant on the Senate.

Vertical Transitions

Those that graduated from Degree tools, Vocational Colleges and Distance training programmes are at the mercy of the principles decided by the senate and terms declared on Official Gazette quantity 24676 of 19/2/2002 which governs straight changes and knowledge of the aforementioned faculties, universities and distance training programs.

Foreign Students

Universities and Degree programs that are going to take applications of international students may have the quota is allocated for people pupils based on the University senate and also this quota would be announced toStudent Location and Evaluation Center (ÖSYM). Degree Board need the last term on these figures and it surely will be stated in the manual.

If they are on final stage of senior school or if they currently graduated:

a) For Foreigners,

b) Turkish citizens by birth and on permitted leave by Ministry of Internal matters to become the citizen of another nation and also the registered children of these can should they document their standing which they have actually due to the law quantity 5203.

c) people who have been foreigner by delivery but became a twin citizen by attaining Turkish citizenship,

ç) Turkish people whom completed last 3 years of these highschool training (aside from Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic)

d) KKTC(Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic) people and people whom reside and research at a top school in Cyprus may have their particular applications acknowledged if they have exam outcomes for GCE AL.

2) From Individuals:

a) Turkish Citizens, (those who finished final 36 months of their knowledge in Cyprus Turkish Republic or in a Foreign Country),

b) except KKTC people (those who finished their particular high school training and have now a GCE AL score to publish

c) twin Citizens whoever one of Citizenships is of Turkey’s (except for those that completed final 36 months of their senior high school education in an international nation excluding Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic)

ç) Dual citizenship owners whoever among citizenships is of Turkey (aside from those that completed their twelfth grade knowledge in Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic while having results for GCE AL test

age) Those that were expelled from an increased education establishment considering disciplinary dilemmas cannot have their particular programs admitted.

Papers Demanded for Subscription

Documents demanded the application are going to be based on the University Senate each year and they will be announced on the site regarding the University.

Application Principles

(1)Quotas, application terms and times tend to be dependant on the Senate associated with University and so are declared on the internet site associated with Balıkesir University in Summer of each and every year.

(2) The department/degree becoming used and their equivalents, graduation areas’ suitability are typical determined by the “Foreign Student Admission Committee”.

(3) programs, filled application forms as well as other essential documents have to be sent to the university or presented via post or yourself to our University’s Student Affairs Department.

(4) giving the right to be legal counsel for example are achieved from Notaries in Turkey or Representative workplaces so that a 3rd individual can put on on the part of the actual candidate.

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