What time does School start in Turkey?

May 27, 2014
A refugee camp in Turkey

IntroductionThe education system is organized the following:

  • 2-3 years of optional pre-school and/or preschool
  • 4 several years of main college (ilköğretim)
  • 4 years of center school
  • 4 years of twelfth grade (lise)
  • college

Kindergartens never develop part of compulsory knowledge. They have a tendency to be cheap as well as a beneficial standard. Due to the 2005 education reform, all three stages of compulsory knowledge may be finished in state-funded schools. As a substitute, students can attend private schools.

Before going to university (or just about any other establishment of large training), Turkish students must take entrance examinations. The outcomes of the examinations determine which schools (and often which scholastic programs within those schools) these are typically eligible to go to. In many cases, two or three things on an entrance exam can mean the essential difference between qualifications for a four-year undergraduate degree or restriction to a two-year training program.

The Turkish school day

Students typically start school around 8:15 and end at 15:00. They just take an hour for meal in the center of the day. Cafeterias are uncommon in Turkish schools, therefore most pupils either go home for lunch or bring lunches to college. Due to overcrowding, some town schools separate their particular student human anatomy into two components, every one of which attends college for half-a-day. This is found mainly in significant towns like Istanbul and Ankara.

Until sixth grade, Turkish students have a single teacher. From sixth-grade on they have various teachers for various topics.

Despite Turkey's predominantly Muslim populace, general public schools do not allow prayer. Additionally, headscarves (hijab) are purely prohibited. In The Place Of praying at the start of the school time, Turkish pupils recite the national anthem (İstiklal Marşi).

a particularly ironic exclusion to those these principles is religion class, which begins halfway through primary school. Turkish faith courses concentrate on Islam. Foreign pupils are not needed to attend faith course, but their participation is welcome.

If you would like your youngster to go to faith courses, check with the school and learn about the curriculum. Based on your personal religious opinions, you might improve your mind after learning the information. Alternatively, you could determine that your kid will get a valuable social experience by going to, even if you as well as your household are not Muslim.

Regardless, you need to make your choice predicated on whether or not you might think your son or daughter will likely be comfortable.

Real punishment

Speaking of your child's comfort, remember that physical punishment isn't taboo in Turkish schools. If you are from a Western nation where placing on the job students will surely cost a teacher their job, remember that at the least, most Turkish educators can supply the ears of a misbehaving student a rough yank. This definitely doesn't mean that your particular son or daughter are going to be severely outdone, but it is really worth recalling.

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