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April 6, 2014
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Legislation on the training of the various Languages and Dialects usually utilized by Turkish Citizens in Their frequent everyday lives



Article 1. Purpose

The goal of this regulation will be devise the axioms of orifice, operating and supervision regarding the exclusive courses alongside language courses, which may be exposed relative to what the law states No. 625 regarding Private Educational establishments, dated 8/6/1965, for training different languages and dialects which are usually used by Turkish people inside their daily everyday lives.

Article 2. Content

This Regulation covers the exclusive courses, which may be exposed in line with Law No. 625 on opening personal programs to instruct various languages and dialects typically used by Turkish people in their day-to-day life together with exact same features and procedures for language and dialect lessons which the Council of Ministers has actually decided the education and training of different languages and dialects in accordance with Law No. 2923 on Foreign Language Education and training and training various Languages and Dialects to Turkish citizens.

Article 3. Basis

This Regulation has been prepared on the basis of Law No. 1739, the basic nationwide Education Law (dated 14/6/1973), on Law No. 625 regarding Private knowledge organizations and on Law No. 4963 on Amending numerous rules, which amended Law No. 2923 (dated ) regarding the language knowledge and Teaching and training Turkish people various Languages and Dialects.

Article 4. Definitions

The expressions in this legislation mean the immediate following:

a) Ministry: Ministry of Education

b) Course: this course teaching different languages and dialects usually utilized by Turkish people within their everyday resides

c) pupil: pupils subscribed to the course

d) system: The program which will be authorized by the Ministry plus the name, the particular level and also the timeframe that is determined

Article 5. Purpose of the program

The goal of this course and the various other language programs in language and dialects taught for the same reason, should perform tasks being instruct different languages and dialects which can be traditionally utilized by Turkish people in their day-to-day life. The programs shall be in line with general aims and fundamental axioms of Turkish nationwide education in addition to fundamental qualifications for the Republic reported when you look at the Constitution and shall be performed in a fashion not to ever violate the indivisible stability of the State with its country and country.



Article 6. starting the organization and Starting training

Upon rewarding the problems the authorization of "Opening the organization" and "opening Teaching" into the Regulation of this exclusive Teaching organizations of this Ministry of Education, the Ministry funds the permissions for "Opening the organization" as well as "beginning Teaching".

Whenever the language programs, which have formerly taken permission from the Ministry to start the organization and begin teaching, furnishes extra system based on the Regulation associated with the personal Teaching establishments for the Ministry of knowledge, authorization will be approved to enable them to show different languages and dialects traditionally employed by Turkish citizens inside their everyday resides.

Article 7. Appointment

The classes, which were approved the permission to open up, shall appoint a manager, a deputy manager, instructor or senior training staff also workers. In case there is recently created classes with the extra program when you look at the language courses, that have formerly already been opened instructors or senior training staff will probably be assigned for these classes.

The directors, instructors, specialist and senior training staff as well as other employees, that will be awarded work permits into the programs to teach different languages and dialects shall have the general qualifications and circumstances claimed in-law No. 625 on exclusive Teaching Institutions as well as the Regulation on exclusive training Institutions regarding the Ministry of knowledge while the Prototype Regulation associated with exclusive programs of Ministry of knowledge.

Other employees are provided permission based on the conditions of Law 625 on personal Teaching Institutions and of the Regulation on personal training organizations associated with Ministry of Education.

Starting a Successful Language School
Starting a Successful Language School
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