List of International High schools in Turkey

November 7, 2013
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Examples of schools & universities inside training group: Location
Notre Dame Global highschool, Paris - Study programs & classes include: United states Boarding & Day twelfth grade for Grades 9-12: - American-styled highschool education in English, ultimately causing an United states twelfth grade Diploma. - Substantial French language and culture system plus enrichment courses taught by French educators (songs, Art, actual knowledge). - Boarding quarters: Supervised and modernized 5 day/week boarding... Paris, France
AMADEUS International School, Vienna - research programs & courses include: high quality knowledge - taught through English. - When it comes to college year 2013/14, we accept admissions for Elementary / Primary School (Volksschule) and Middle/High class Grades 5 to 10. Boarding options are available from level 6. - International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme - Standard-level twelfth grade Diploma Programme for grades 7 to... Vienna, Austria
Keystone Overseas institutes, Istanbul - Study programs & classes feature: Early Childhood Courses for the kids years 1-6: - Mommy and Me Early-learning course (centuries 1-2) - Playgroup / Toddler plan (many years 2-3) - Pre-K (centuries 3-4) - preschool (many years 5-6) - German class for a long time 2-6 - French course for a long time 2-6 - English class for ages 2-6 - Keystone’s Pre-School is divided in to 4 primary limbs to complement the mental, educational and... Istanbul, Chicken
Hello teenagers Myogadani - Global English Preschool, Bunkyo-ku - Study programs & classes include: English Immersion tools for kids: - Preschool (centuries 1.5-4) - English preschool (ages 4-6) - Afternoon English Language Classes (many years 3-5 & 5-8) - Saturday English Language Classes (ages 3-5 & 6-10) Activities & Excursions: - Summer Camp in Tokyo - 8-Day summertime day at Canada - Special Music shows - Sleepover / Overnight Stay at... Tokyo, Japan
Aiglon College - research programs & courses feature: Boarding School Programmes for Overseas Students ages 9-18: - Classes taught in English - Junior class - Middle class - Uk National Curriculum in preparation for IGCSE exams - Sixth Form - Global Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme - Snowsports & Languages Programme (April) - Languages & Sports Summer School (July) - IELTS exam... Montreux, Switzerland
Keystone Global institutes, Istanbul - Study programs & classes include: Overseas knowledge tools: - Middle School for Grades 6-8. Taught totally in English. - twelfth grade for Grades 9-12. Taught totally in English. - French, German, & Spanish offered as optional topics. - Overseas Exchange Program (optional) Additional knowledge products: - main class for Grades 1-5. Are performed...
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