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December 23, 2014
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Deniz Lisesi (English: Naval senior high school); understood in the Ottoman duration given that Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümâyûn (Imperial class of Naval Engineering) and soon after while the Mekteb-i Bahriye-i Şahane (Imperial Naval class); is a Turkish naval high school located on Heybeliada Island (the next biggest of this Prince Islands) within the water of Marmara, towards southeast of Istanbul, chicken.

Deniz Lisesi trains naval cadets when it comes to Turkish Naval Academy. Created in 1773, it's among the earliest Turkish high schools. Being a military school in the wild, accessibility is open simply to students who're Turkish people with an unique admission exam and a physical test.


The history of Deniz Lisesi dates back to 1773. The senior high school had been established while the Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümâyûn (Imperial class of Naval Engineering) inside Kasımpaşa region of Istanbul, on northern shoreline of this Golden Horn, where in fact the shipyards and toolbox for the Ottoman Navy, plus the head office associated with the Ottoman Ministry of Navy (Bahriye Nezareti) were positioned.

Origins (1773–1834)[edit]

Very first college which forms the Naval Academy's foundation ended up being established by Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha beneath the name of Naval Engineering Golden Horn Naval Shipyard throughout the reign of Mustafa III in 1773. It absolutely was instead a training course supplying training to civilian captains of vendor marine besides. Inside course, provided onboard of a galleon anchored at Kasımpaşa, Plane Geometry and Navigation had been taught.

Relating to Memories of Baron de Tott, which were published after their time for his country, in 1773 he had been appointed for institution of a Naval Shipyard Mathematical College on demand of Hasan Pasha throughout the reign of Sultan Mustafa III, who was a believer to the fact that research and education should have become widespread. The trainees who were advanced level in age, even the captains with white beard had reached to a capacity within 90 days that they were able to measure height, exercise the four guidelines for the airplane geometry over the land, and plot a route. This education ended because had been enough the students within their sixties and Sultan Mustafa III and Baron de Tott decided this knowledge could be consummated by methods in span of time.

The Mathematical university into the shipyard had been so tiny and did not meet with the necessity. Thus a unique mathematical university with a few spaces started to be built on about the same spot where in actuality the galleons with three holds were constructed. The school that would provide three- 12 months training, began trained in its new building beneath the name of "The Imperial Naval Engineering class" on October 22, 1784. Naval Engineering School ended up being divided in to two divisions. In the 1st division, Navigation and Plotting focused training was handed, and in the 2nd unit cadets had been educated if you are Naval architecture officials.

Naval Engineering School had been burnt in a conflagration establishing some parts of Kasimpasa on fire in 1821, also it was transferred to reconstructed Errehane (sawmill) building around Parmakkapi inside shipyard in 1822.

When Sultan Mahmud II found Divanhane (imperial hall of audience) for a rock pool building at location which will be known these days as Tas Havuzlar (rock Pools), he had been said your building in Parmakkapi was improper for knowledge, and in accordance with their imperial order the building of another college had been conformed. Through to the building completed, transfer of Science of Navigation division to Heybeliada, as a short-term solution, had been decided.

Interim duration (1834–1909)[edit]

Throughout the days the college had been relocated from Heybeliada to the new construction at Kasimpasa in 1838, it is grasped from the code of laws and regulations promulgated over the college that education and education tasks had been commenced with a very good program.

Source: en.wikipedia.org
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