Boarding School in Turkey

February 15, 2016

Lawyer Reyhan Yalçındağ called for standing in solidarity with C.A. that has been sexually assaulted by his instructor at a dormitory in the Kurdish region of Mîdyad. The family people in C.A. are also threatened to withdraw the suit they entered contrary to the abusers, DIHA (Dicle News department) reported.

“Children were subjected to organized sexual abuse and physical violence at regional boarding schools, ” stated Yalçındağ.

“The rape situations in Kurdish towns and cities tend to be systematic and tend to be maybe not disconnected because of the Kurdish issue, ” she included.

Yalçındağ required all females businesses to protest contrary to the sexual punishment that happened at regional boarding schools. “We ought to be entirely solidarity aided by the households that have also been threatened to withdraw their particular lawsuits.”

Although the amount of the sufferers of rape committed by state authorities is quite saturated in the region, the Turkish judiciary system abstains from securing the justice when you look at the fits brought resistant to the rape defendants.

Yalçındağ said that systematic rape instances that have been skilled in Kurdish province of Sêrt as well as in many other regional boarding schools in Kurdish provinces aren't not related with the Kurdish concern as well as aim to impoverish and isolate Kurdish men and women.

Yalçındağ stated

It should be healthiest when it comes to kids that within their teenagers to stay using their households throughout their education. Those kids are not only exposed to intimate punishment additionally to assault.

We have to evaluate the reasons for developing regional boarding schools. What number of regional boarding schools is there in Kurdistan? You Will Find three inside Kurdish district of Çewlîg. The population of Kastamonu, that will be in the Ebony Sea region, is 3 times than that of Çewlîg but how come here just one regional boarding school in Kastamonu?

The people who've been obligated to migrate and whose villages have-been burnt down experienced to enroll their children at regional boarding schools. Yalçındağ emphasized that Turkish condition attempts to rule over and assimilate Kurds through the education they offer at those boarding schools.

C.A. is an extremely successful child. He had been eligible for enter an Anatolian high-school but was delivered from Kurdish district of Cizre to a boarding college to ensure that he could obtain a better training. Such schools have actually a mentality of military. Today the ruling party could be the Justice and Development celebration (AKP) nevertheless principal mentality remains the same.

The dormitory where kid had been intimately abused is still open with no ministry features assigned any inspectors in order to make an assessment on situation when you look at the dormitory. The teacher of the Quran program is subscribed as heater attendant. Hence person makes the kids to watch porn films and music all of them.

The supervisor regarding the dormitory may be the a person who gets the best responsibility in cases like this but he wanders around freely just as if nothing occurred. In addition to prosecution workplace has not been watchful sufficient in collecting proof both.

It absolutely is a violation associated with the Convention on the liberties for the kids that has been additionally signed by Turkey. We have filed a criminal complaint up against the police of Midyat as well. They will have threatened the children to withdraw their legal actions. So it's exactly about the resistance associated with the families of kiddies. We ought to ensure they believe that they may not be alone.

What exactly are local boarding schools?

The first regional boarding college was created in 1939 and there's been a rise inside their quantity since 1962. 120 thousand students are enrolled and 10 thousand instructors are utilized at those schools. Students get knowledge from 4th level to 9th level. You will find regional boarding schools in lots of towns in chicken nevertheless they have mainly already been established in Kurdish cities in an attempt to place Kurdish young ones far from their loved ones so they will forget their particular indigenous language, find out Turkish and get assimilated in to the Turkish tradition.

Intimate and physical violence is very common at those schools plus in 2007 the Grand National Assembly of chicken (TBMM) also recommended that the teachers to be employed at local boarding schools ought to be hitched.

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