Turkish Language Scholarship

December 31, 2016

Awarded scholarship for summer time 2013 - Andrew King

My Turkish discovering knowledge started in 2012, when I began, without much as a Merhaba, taking hour long classes 4 times weekly. By the end of my first semester, my class would-be preparing 10 min dental presentations, and I was shocked to realize i really could stutter through conversations at the local Turkish deli. I used and won a Critical Language Scholarship when it comes to summer time, and journeyed to Bursa, chicken with a team of about 20 United states pupils. We invested the summer of 2013 managing a Turkish household and attending a branch of Ankara University which centers on teaching Turkish to foreign people. My loved ones was phenomenal, and the famous Turkish hospitality ended up being whatever you've learned about. They fed myself copious quantities of meals, could not understand just why i'dn't remain up til 2am each night drinking chai and smoking cigarettes, (school) and even took myself on a break to a resort! I also met many Turks personal age and explored the town, also walking nearby Mount Uludağ with some buddies. Within the CLS program, I visited numerous historic websites from Troy to Gallipoli, and with some of the free weekends, took in Istanbul. It was a great knowledge, and I also'd suggest it to anybody! This semester, i have begun studying Ottoman Turkish, and hope to set about a bunch interpretation task inside coming months. For the time being, I am in Advanced Turkish class. I am seeing Turkish TV and talking about the headlines with my class mates maintain my Turkish sharp.

Awarded grant for summer 2012 - Christine Zurbach, Columbia College

Hello! My name is Christine Zurbach, a Columbia College senior majoring in center East, South Asian and African scientific studies. I began in Starting Turkish 1 at Columbia and applied for, and won, a STARTALK grant that spring. Granted because of the U.S. division of Defense to undergraduates, graduates, and teachers to market the training of less-commonly taught languages, STARTALK funded us to spend three days in Bloomington, Indiana, training Turkish to primary college pupils and taking training techniques classes at Indiana University-Bloomington. That next year, we continued with Turkish after which won a Critical Language grant (CLS) for the following summer to study Turkish for 2 months in Bursa, Turkey. Like NSLI-Y for kids, the CLS resources intensive language research in vital languages for currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Here (my junior) fall, I learned abroad in Paris, France, but received authorization to continue my research of Turkish indeed there, which ensured that i possibly could carry on into Advanced Turkish II when I came back in spring. When I accepted an internship within Ottoman Bank Museum Archives under SALT-Galata in Istanbul, chicken when it comes to summertime of 2013, for which I applied Turkish as my chiefly language of interaction within my work environment. I funded this knowledge through assistance from the center East Institute and also the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program. Most of these experiences, in various means, significantly enhanced my knowledge of Turkish and my comprehension of my academic researches into the MESAAS department. By keeping engaged with Turkish each summertime, I did not have the opportunity for my language skills to fall into disuse and was able to develop upon and maintain the thing I discovered in my amazing Turkish language classes at Columbia. The intensive natures of the NSLI-Y and CLS fostered fast improvements during my Turkish, particularly since I have lived with number people and invested all my weekdays learning the language. By training Turkish through STARTALK, I was forced to go really off my safe place and approaching Turkish from a teacher's, as opposed to a learner's, perspective aided me personally better comprehend the language. Once I became heightened, an internship in chicken had been a logical alternative, since it permitted us to exercise my language skills in an expert setting and develop upon the things I learned more individually. Finally, the skills i've gained have actually transferred back to my scholastic studies as I have always been today utilizing numerous Turkish primary and additional resources for my thesis. I recommend most of these experiences and more for Turkish language students in the MESAAS division. For concerns, guidance, and much more, kindly go ahead and contact me at cez2104@columbia.edu.

Source: www.columbia.edu
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