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October 13, 2016
Lebanon: Middle East
is an unbiased non-governmental business whoever people-to-people exchange programs gather additional college educators from across the center East and North Africa (MENA) while the United States with all the goal of improving pedagogical abilities and encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and comprehension. In the United States, UME is an 501(c)(3) not-for-profit company, licensed as The Center for degree in the Middle East, Inc.
Formation 1997
Type International NGO
Headquarters Somerville, MA, United States Of America; Madrid, Spain


Dr. Hala Taweel
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The University of this Middle East task ended up being founded in 1997 by a group of graduate pupils from the center East and North Africa who had been studying at universities around Boston, including MIT, Harvard's Kennedy School of national, Boston university, in addition to Fletcher School at Tufts. Initially, the team's objective was to develop a physical university in the Middle East which will enjoy students from throughout the region. But the strategic focus much more recent years happens to be on cultivating quality among educators plus in MENA school methods.

Teacher knowledge Institute[edit]

The flagship system of UME, the Teacher knowledge Institute (TEI) is an intensive month-long professional development and social trade program which takes location yearly during summer. TEI individuals tend to be additional college teachers from the MENA region. This program curriculum centers around innovative training methodologies, like the use of technology in classrooms, dispute and cooperation in schools, cross-cultural training, civic education, and solution discovering.

Civic Engagement Workshop[edit]

The Civic Engagement Workshop (CEW) is a week-long follow-on system for TEI which unites alumni from MENA nation with US highschool instructors. The workshop furthers the professional development of both MENA-region and US teachers, and promotes regional and worldwide collaboration on tasks, activities and teaching methods. The CEW additionally serves a vital role as a forum for TEI alumni to build up comprehensive, community-oriented after-school activities because of their students. UME went CEWs in Morocco in 2006 and Jordan in 2007.

Collaborative Art Initiative[edit]

The Collaborative Art Initiative (CAI) is a three-phase educational and cultural change program that'll occur during 2008 and 2009 within the U.S., Jordan, and Morocco. The CAI will bring collectively educators, childhood leaders, and teenagers within the nature of imaginative appearance to produce sacred general public areas where aware interaction, open discussion, and collaboration become feasible and concrete. The CAI is dependent on the principles of Professor Mark Cooper's guide, Making Art Together.

Seminar on Identity and Education[edit]

UME went the Seminar on Identity and Education over the Mediterranean (IDEAmed) workshop in Sevilla, Spain in 2006. This system convened a team of additional school teachers from throughout the Mediterranean region to explore and deepen their particular knowledge of identification and its reference to school tradition, class room training, pedagogy and curriculum. And attending presentations and workshops, each participant developed an educational activity because of their students touching on problems eg course, faith, sex, and cultural and social narratives.

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