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June 27, 2017
Hasan Dudu

Middle East Specialized University is established in title of "Orta Doğu Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü" (Middle East High Technology Institute) on November 15, 1956 to contribute to the development of chicken and Center East nations and especially to train folks so as to produce a skilled staff in the fields of natural and social sciences. "plans and Procedures are you aware that first step toward METU, Law No 6887" had been enacted on January 29, 1957. Eventually, "Foundation Act No 7307", which sets forth the particular standing of METU and defines the conditions making METU as a juridical entity, had been enacted on May 27, 1959.

Middle East Specialized University's presence brought about brand-new techniques and launched innovations to Turkish degree system manifesting METU as a pioneer of modern-day knowledge nationwide. In its first many years, section of METU was positioned in a tiny building that belonged personal protection workplace of Retirees at Kizilay's Müdafaa Street while the other area ended up being found in the barracks behind the TBMM (chicken's National Grand Assembly). In 1963, the University relocated to its present university place which is the first college campus of chicken.

In 1956, the first scholastic system to begin training ended up being the division of Architecture. After that in spring semester of 1957, division of Mechanical Engineering launched its academic program. In the start of 1957-1958 scholastic 12 months, the professors of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Administrative Sciences were founded. In 1959, the tasks undertaken to ascertain professors of Arts and Sciences had been completed. Professors of Education launched its academic system in 1982. These days, there are a complete of 47 undergraduate programs in five faculties of METU.

You will find 152 graduate programs available in Graduate Schools of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Informatics, Applied Mathematics and aquatic Sciences scholar Schools. Marine Sciences conducts the scholastic system studies at İçel-Erdemli.

The language of training at METU is English. METU School of international Languages takes the effort to show English to pupils at Preparatory class.

Owing to the quality scholastic education that emphasizes quality and quality in systematic, cultural and intellectual studies in addition to owing to the accomplished and competent METU graduates, the University has become one of many distinguished and good establishments of Turkey. These days, the University is pleased to employ about 750 professors (professors, colleagues professors etc.), 400 scholastic instructors and over 1, 400 research assistants. It is a great satisfaction to supply knowledge to over 21, 000 students. The sum total few the alumni now is above 80, 000.

Source: econ.metu.edu.tr
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