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July 17, 2016
Fethullah Gulen Movement
Below you may possibly review an unedited transcript of a presentation* towards Gulen motion which offers important insight and a succinct overview:

Gulen Movement: An Overview

I would like to start by thanking the middle for Strategic and Global Studies for hosting this presentation plus in certain Dr. Aliriza for their invite and arranging this gathering.

In addition have actually a few disclaimers: First, i am going to never be talking with respect to any establishment. The views provided here belong exclusively to me really nor express in any way the official place of any institution or even the Movement overall.

Secondly, i really do not come right here as a professional on but as an student of Turkish history, politics and community, also as an individual whose cultural comprehension is influenced by the solution ethics of the Gulen Movement.

My presentation includes the following:

1. An attempt at description and a short historic overview of the Movement’s development.
2. The associated with motion individuals.
3. and companies which are considered in the motion.
4. systems.
5. that underlie the growth associated with the Movement.
6. The views of Gulen or Movement participants on crucial dilemmas particularly democracy, secularism, Turkey’s eu account, women’s roles, the Kurdish issue, the Alevi problem, spiritual minorities and interfaith discussion, nonviolence, and harmony of science and arts.

I want to start with an attempt to explain the motion.

Information and Historic Background

The so-called Gulen motion is a civil society activity. It started off as a local solution effort with a team of pupils, instructors, moms and dads, and small enterprises all over Turkish scholar and preacher within the city of Izmir in Turkey. For ease of reference, it is now mainly referred, particularly by western scholars, to because the Gulen Movement, because main source of motivation. By its participants, however, it is oftentimes called hizmet, or volunteer solutions. As far as Mr. Gulen is concerned, he prefers to relate to it as “the activity of people united around large man values.”

Source: hizmetmovement.blogspot.com
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