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May 6, 2017

Yeditepe University is a basis university situated in Istanbul, chicken. Set up by the Istanbul Education and society Foundation (Turkish: İstanbul Eğitim ve Kültür Vakfı, İSTEK Vakfı) in 1996, Yeditepe University now claims is the greatest of 27 foundation universities in chicken.

The goal of Yeditepe University is " educate the youthful group as enlightened people, totally with the capacity of coping with the demands for the contemporary globalization, culturally curved with technical abilities and dedicated to the ideals of secularism, development and imagination encouraged by Atatürk's concepts. The academic programs tend to be intended for acquiring this goal within the light of fast worldwide improvements of the 21st Century".


The University had been established in 1996 because of the Istanbul knowledge and heritage Foundation (Turkish: İstek Vakfı) which seeks to promote academic options on a non-profit basis.

Yeditepe University is especially located in a purpose-built campus at Kayisdagi from the Asian side of Istanbul. But the Faculty of Dentistry plus the University Hospital can be found in other locations from the Asian side of the town.

The institution campus includes 236 thousand square meters of shut area and 125 thousand square meters of open area. It has 319 classrooms, 22 lecture halls, 32 computer labs, 74 expert labs belonging to the Fine Arts, Architecture, Communication, Engineering and Sciences Faculties and 2 professional photographic studios.

You will find 34 academic management devices, 287 Faculty workplaces, 28 student club areas, a 3000 m2 Central Library designed with computers with internet accessibility and private reading places, Residence Halls with a capability fof 1400 men and women, a multipurpose Conference Hall with a 1200-person sitting capability, a Cinema involved with a 100-person seating capability each, a Theatre Hall with a 100 seating capacity, a 524 square meter and 384 square meter expertly equipped two tv studios and 200 square meters educational television studio lab, 150 square meter educational radio facilities, 550 square meter indoor baseball judge with seating services, and 620 square meter outdoor basketball courts, outside volleyball and playing tennis courts, indoor and outdoor 1 / 2 Olympic size pools, 300 square meter fully prepared fitness and aerobics center, 783 square meter contemporary shopping complex, 79000 square yards of available grassy location with benches and picnic facilities, 400 automobile capacity indoor parking lots.


26 August Campus has been put having its unique design in a location of 125 thousand square yards in Kayışdağı's mountains in the Anatolian part of Istanbul. From August 26 settlement fascinated the people to go to the architectural concept, which belongs to Dalan again function as the creator of your University. Seljuk structure empowered because of the August 26 settlement in the 5-8 storey buildings, each of these buildings surrounding the resort has two different students. In to the building, height of 22 yards to achieve the large doorways are entered, lit courtyard with a great amount of typical options that come with Seljuk architecture, contemporary structures is transmitted these days from bears. External side of the building, is covered with natural stones were brought from Anatolia. Icon associated with the college, the Seljuk architecture-specific, representing men and women is a double-headed eagle. This symbolization, in the main entry of the web site and structures is seen in a variety of places.


All academic programs could be offered in English except for an application of governmental science and intercontinental relations in French, a course of business administration in German and a program of art and design in Italian.

At this time, Yeditepe University is a signatory to Student Exchange Protocols and Memoranda of Understanding with over 30 universities in america and is earnestly involved with establishing the ERASMUS / SOCRATES system with European establishments of advanced schooling. Yeditepe has signed an educational affiliation agreement with Overseas University in Geneva.

Yeditepe University includes eleven traits, three graduate institutes and another vocational college of higher education:

Graduate Institutes[edit]

  • Institute of scholar Studies in Science and Engineering
  • Institute of Wellness Graduate Studies
  • Institute of Personal Sciences Scholar Studies

Vocational Institutes of Greater Education[edit]

  • School for Advanced Vocational Studies
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