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June 23, 2014
College of Law: Istanbul

Turgut TarhanlıWithin the last few couple of decades, the nation-state and, naturally, its appropriate system are up against the fantastic challenge of globalization. Inside context, virtually every legal issue might have intercontinental or transnational consequences. That is in addition a challenge for lawyers, that are expected to respond to the questions that confront all of them. Under these circumstances, it becomes progressively hard to be totally informed on every legal problem. Overall, law designs the relations among people and establishments, but an attorney needs the ability to scrutinize those relations where what the law states is based. Consequently, appropriate knowledge really should not be limited to courses on black-letter legislation, but should pave the best way to attain understanding and understanding of social construction, at both national and worldwide levels.

Alert to these details, the BİLGİ Faculty of Law has a unique method of legal training. With its curriculum, the professors provides a summary of key appropriate courses by which pupils may gain the essential understanding of the dwelling and material of law: for example., civil-law, Criminal Law, industrial Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Criminal treatment Law, Public Global Law, Human Rights Law, concept of State, etc.

In parallel with these conventional appropriate courses, many different optional courses will also be included in the curriculum: in other words., Law of International Organizations, Law and Society, European Union Institutions, EC Competition Law, Law and mindset, Criminal Justice, Media and correspondence Law, online Law, Sports Law, Overseas selling Law, Capital Markets Law, Foreign Investment Law, Competition legislation, Global Criminal Law, an such like. A number of the programs when you look at the electives listing tend to be taught in English.

Additionally, BİLGİ Legal Clinic, a two-term training course for senior law pupils plus the first of all medical legal training system in chicken, which aims to exercise the essential legal skills through real legal instances, has also been built beneath the above-mentioned variables in curriculum.

BİLGİ Faculty of Law supplies the window of opportunity for its pupils to test their knowledge and skills at the intercontinental level through tens of trade agreements concluded with leading European and United states Universities. Also, as an associate associated with the “Laureate International Universities system” which comprises of distinguished universities in four continents, İstanbul Bilgi University and the Faculty of Law have actually dramatically developed their particular capability to provide multiple exchange programs.

Ass. Prof. Harry Tzimitras,IR and International Law
Ass. Prof. Harry Tzimitras,IR and International Law ...
Leiden University law students - Divane Asik Gibi
Leiden University law students - Divane Asik Gibi
Prof. Dr. John Vervaele -- Utrecht University
Prof. Dr. John Vervaele -- Utrecht University
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