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December 21, 2016
Koch University: The Koch

I recently unearthed that the Koch brothers are my brothers.

We learned all about our extraordinary kinship through a quick article inside New Republic, which mentioned that Charles Koch, and his more youthful twin brothers David and William, were people in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at MIT. I happened to be a Beta at Syracuse University (Class of 1970). And it is dominant that all Betas tend to be brothers, forever.

We acknowledge that I haven't remained in contact with my Syracuse frat brothers or paid much attention to Beta happenings, but learning about my kinship utilizing the Koch brothers has reawakened my fraternal feelings.

So if I ever encounter Charles (MIT 1957) or David (MIT 1962) at certainly one of their regular Palm Springs get-togethers when it comes to ultra-conservative wing of this .001 per cent, I'll be sure to let them have the trick handshake, quietly mutter "Phi Kai Phi" (Beta's secret slogan, although i cannot keep in mind exactly what it means), and sing some refrains of 1 of the fraternity's ingesting songs, "I'm a Master Beta."

We'll additionally see if these Beta billionaires can certainly still recite the official reputation for the founding of the fraternity while keeping a lighted match, that we also Beta pledges needed to do during hell week. It begins: "At nine o'clock from the night for the eighth day's the 8th thirty days of the season 1839, eight serious teenagers, all pupils at Miami University, held initial conference of Beta Theta Pi into the Hall associated with the old Union Chapel at Miami University. The eight creators into the order where their brands can be found in the mins, had been." We then had to recite the entire names of all eight founders, whilst match fire was getting closer and closer to our hands.

Beta Theta Pi has actually an extended and illustrious record. It among the earliest and largest fraternities in the nation. At its peak it had over 220 chapters in the us and Canada, but that number features plunged to over 81 chapters "in good standing" and another 27 chapters-in-waiting called "colonies. Over 190, 000 Beta Theta Pi users have been started since the fraternity had been started and more or less 127, 000 of these are still residing. Wikipedia's selection of popular Betas is impressive.

Charles and David Koch, who will be each well worth over $30 billion, are famous for their particular zealous right-wing views and contributions to conventional factors and political leaders. William, which years ago led an unsuccessful takeover associated with household business and is therefore well worth only $4 billion, can be a conservative donor, but doesn't join forces together with brothers.

A year ago Koch Industries donated $2.2 million to prospects for president, Congress, and Senate, in accordance with the Center for receptive Politics. But that's simply the tip regarding the iceberg of this Kochs' warchest. Inside 2012 elections, Charles Koch along with his spouse Elizabeth gave $919, 000, and David Koch and wife Julia offered $2.4 million to prospects - not one from it to Democrats. In addition they give big bucks to Us citizens for Prosperity, their conservative governmental activity committee, helping to make huge campaign contributions but which will ben't needed to reveal its donors' brands.

Much to my chagrin, i came across whenever considering politics, the Kochs' ideology and self-interest trumps their loyalty with their Beta brothers.

This past year, Beta Senator Bill Nelson (Yale 1965), a Florida Democrat, ran for reelection for a 3rd term. But Koch Industries gave $33, 500 to Nelson's opponent, Republican Connie Mack. This act of frat-ricide ended up being particularly extravagant because Mack had been a part of University of Florida chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a significant Beta rival. It was launched 17 many years after Beta but now is significantly bigger, with 246 active chapters.

OK. Perhaps I'm able to comprehend the Kochs promoting a SAE Republican over a Beta Democrat. However it gets worse. Just last year, David Dewhurst (Arizona 1967), Texas' traditional Lieutenant Governor and a detailed friend of Gov. Rick Perry, was considered a shoo-in to win the GOP nomination for the Senate becoming vacated by the retiring Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison. But Dewhurst lost his celebration's main to former Solicitor General Ted Cruz, a well liked associated with tea-party, just who went on to vanquish his Democratic opponent. Koch Industries provided Cruz $27, 500. Charles Koch and his spouse contributed $5, 000. The Club for Growth, a conservative PAC with several overlapping ties to the Koch brothers, offered Cruz over $5 million to simply help him defeat Dewhurst. This work Day week-end, Cruz is the keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by the Koch-funded People in america for success.

And discover another exemplory instance of the Kochs betraying their Beta brothers. Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, who was a Beta at Denison College (1954), served within the Senate for 36 years until he had been beaten inside GOP primary this past year by tea-party wing-nut Richard Mourdock, which proceeded to lose to a Democrat. The Koch-funded Freedom Works PAC endorsed Mourdock and Koch Industries added $38, 500 to his promotion.

My brothers Charles and David Koch tend to be tied for 4th on Forbes' ranking associated with wealthiest Us americans, behind Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Larry Ellison. Right behind the Koch brothers would be the Walton siblings, which inherited their particular fortune from Sam Walton, the creator of Wal-Mart, who had been also a Beta (Missouri 1940).

Like the Waltons, the Koch brothers made their particular wealth the old fashion method. They inherited it.

Their particular dad, Fred C. Koch, founded the company in 1940 and created a forward thinking crude oil-refining procedure. Their sons, Charles and David, purchased on their particular brothers Frederick and William in 1983 and diversified their holdings. Today Koch Industries is the second-largest personal business in the usa, with yearly incomes of $98 billion in 2011.

Koch Industries' core business is petroleum refining. Its subsidiaries in addition trade and transfer petroleum coke, coal, cement, pulp and report, sulfur alongside products; they possess refineries, ethanol flowers, and petrochemical flowers in many says and 1000s of miles of pipelines. Koch Fertilizer may be the earth's third-largest maker of nitrogen fertilizer.

Koch Industries in addition is the owner of Georgia-Pacific, which has around 300 production services across North America, south usa and European countries. Subsidiaries of Koch Agriculture Company have cattle-ranching organizations in Montana, Kansas, Tx, and south usa.

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