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April 14, 2017

Social Innovation Incubation Center will provide help, support, guidance, place and fund for social innovators from engineering and science community- Engineering students, academicians, alumni AND high-school students who aims to study engineering. Center would be a multi-level discovering and enabling location for personal innovators and business owners from different levels (high-school to professionals) to conquer their development and startup challenges. Jobs incubated need the possibility of opening to the community of peers and followers, connections to students, academicians in the college, teachers, funders, volunteers. By allowing collaboration between your technology incubation tasks in technology development zone incubation center, personal development tasks can be empowered by technological solutions. Entrepreneurship element that's needed is the implementation associated with personal innovations should be supported by university’s Entrepreneurship Center and certification programme. Teachers and observers from community institutions that are providing community services, would be one of the supporters and effects regarding the incubations will likely be wanted to associated public authorities. Collaboratively raising a social innovation financial investment fund for incubations.

A community of colleagues and followers, contacts to pupils, academicians inside institution, teachers, funders, volunteers, high-schools, NGO’s, general public organizations.
- Efficiently Currently working eco-system in ITU. partnership because of the technology incubator in ITU Technology Development Zone, ITUGINOVA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of ITU). Projects from technology incubator become used for solving social issues cooperate like discovering systems etc.
Chance to be located in the newly founded co-working space which will enable the personal innovators - incubations to achieve, meet and cooperate using technology developers/incubations.
Community of followers to personal innovation tasks from ALUMNI
Community of high-school pupils - future engineering students
Connection with pupils being working on Social Innovation in pupil clubs of ITU (Entrepreneurship Club, Volunteering Club, Environmentalist Club, Alternative Energy Club, impairment Helpers Club, etc.)

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