Purpose of Secondary Education

January 22, 2017

Together, additional and postsecondary education comprise the training that a student gets after fifth level. Before that time, students receive major or elementary education from kindergarten through fifth class. Secondary knowledge, with postsecondary education for a few, propels students into adulthood and is designed to let them have essential profession skills.

Secondary Education

Secondary education relates to schooling which takes place during the middle and senior high school many years, between sixth and twelfth level. It really is divided into programs in English, mathematics, personal studies, science and language. For a few, secondary education includes electives eg music or drama. When you look at the U.S., public secondary training is free and offered to all. Secondary education is compulsory when you look at the U.S. through age of 16.


Postsecondary, or tertiary, training includes any educational program that takes place once you complete your secondary training. This includes community university, expert certification, undergraduate education and graduate school. Postsecondary knowledge is more higher level and specific than additional knowledge. Postsecondary training can also be wide, enabling pupils to follow the topics that most interest all of them. Students can obtain a wide range of degrees, from an easy liberal-arts degree that deepens critical-thinking abilities, to a far more hands-on business level.

Functions of Secondary and Postsecondary Schooling

The goal of additional training is always to ready students to either pursue a postsecondary training or access a vocational job that will not require more formal research. Postsecondary knowledge helps students develop skills and expertise they are able to use in later expert professions. Like, students just who studies English may pursue a vocation as an editor. A medical pupil researches to be a health care provider. A computer manufacturing pupil can become some type of computer scientist. The objectives are twofold: to assist students develop separate thinking skills and prepare all of them to do the job market.

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