International Islamic Schools in Turkey

January 9, 2014
Rise of Turkish Islamic



Because of the difficult and overcrowded school system, virtually all international moms and dads deliver their children to worldwide schools. Private schools may ever more popular among Turkish households, nearly all whom are dropping faith within the public school system.

As the normal family´s earnings has grown, Turkish parents have become aware of the public college system´s weaknesses. Many today prefer to deliver kids to exclusive schools (kolej/özel lise) featuring little class sizes, well-qualified educators, and also extracurricular and sports tasks.

Unsurprisingly, these schools could be costly. They charge yearly tuition, and pupils must buy high priced publications. You can find extra costs for uniforms and lunches, and some parents additionally needs to spend to coach their particular pupils to schools a long way away from their houses.

The huge benefits to private schools tend to be numerous, nevertheless. Students have access to foreign standardized test products like the Cambridge University English-language examinations, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and also the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). These resources succeed simpler for Turkish students to enter universities in foreign nations.

Before you decide to enrol your son or daughter in an exclusive college, determine whether it's internationally accredited. If it is not, your son or daughter might not be eligible to enter foreign universities. Start thinking about where on earth your child will most likely live and study as a new person while making your decision. Perhaps you are better offered by a “truly” international school.

International schools in Turkey

Overseas schools are the preferred option for foreign people by a broad margin. This really is partly because of the low quality of most Turkish community schools, additionally because of the Turkish language barrier.

A lot of these schools instruct using a global Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum this is certainly acknowledged by international universities.

If you are doing work for a sizable business or an international government, there is a chance your manager will pay for the child´s tuition. Usually, it will be up to you to finance your child´s training. The cost of worldwide schools varies with regards to the certain school´s student body as well as its prestige. Well-regarded intercontinental schools are inevitably more costly – a few of the European schools cost 15.000 euro annually.

Global schools usually require an application, and you will be able to get in touch with individual schools for home elevators their requirements. If you opt to send your son or daughter to a worldwide college, make certain you start the method well prior to your arrival in Turkey.

İmam Hatip Lisesi

In the event that you originate from a devout Muslim background, you may consider delivering your son or daughter to an imam hatip school. These special additional schools familiar with teach religious leaders, however now feature a far more mainstream curriculum with a really pronounced Islamic influence. Pupils that graduate because of these schools meet the criteria to enter college, as with any various other lise pupil.

If you should be perhaps not Muslim, your youngster will never be accepted to those schools (nor would he want to be!), plus if you should be Muslim, you should consider your choice very carefully. Your son or daughter will have a very various expertise in an imam hatip school than he would in just about any other Turkish school.

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