Ankara International Schools fees

May 12, 2017
British Embassy School Ankara
  • US $10, 250 ($11, 070 with KDV*) – yearly fee per preschool pupil (centuries 4 & 5)
  • United States $13, 000 ($14, 040 with KDV*) – annual cost per primary pupil (grades 1-6)
  • United States $14, 500 ($15, 660 with KDV*) – annual cost per additional student (grades 7-12)

Capital Fee

A non-refundable, annual charge made for special property tasks and money improvements toward college campus.

  • United States $1100 ($1, 188 with KDV*) – yearly fee per pupil of the latest households
  • US $550 ($594 with KDV*) – annual cost per student of coming back families

Extra ESL Fee

This fee is included just for students who will be enrolled in English as another Language courses.

  • United States $440 ($475.20 with KDV*) – semester fee per pupil
  • US $800 ($864 with KDV*) – yearly cost per pupil

Additional Academic Treatment Fee

This charge is included limited to students who are signed up for the therapy programs.

  • US $3, 150 ($3, 402 with KDV*) – annual charge per pupil receiving NILD educational treatment
  • US $1, 500 ($1, 620 with KDV*) – yearly cost per pupil getting ET2 therapy
  • United States $1000 ($1, 080 with KDV*) – yearly charge per student getting Rx for Discovery Reading
  • US $1000 ($1, 080 with KDV*) – yearly charge per pupil getting RX for mathematics therapy
  • United States $100 ($108 with KDV*) – exam charge just for students whom require here exams: WJ-III ACH or WJ-IIwe COG

Extra Information

  • *We must collect 8per cent KDV tax which we remit to the Turkish federal government. Families with KDV tax exemptions are required to offer a letter through the Turkish Ministry of Finance.
  • College charges could be paid annually, semesterly or quarterly.
  • These charges represent the present school costs. Class charges for the following year tend to be completed in May considering rising prices prices along with other expected costs.
  • Inclination for after that year’s enrollment is offered first to existing households and 2nd to families with applied and paid the administrative centre fee. Enrollment in addition depends upon the offered room in certain class degree.
  • The convenience of our families, we contracted with a coach company to supply transport services. Busing is a different fee which can be paid right to the bus business. Cost and option of this solution differs, based how long the student life from college campus.
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