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April 13, 2016
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(Turkish: Öğrenci Seçme ve Yerleştirme Sistemi, ÖSYS) or advanced schooling Examination-Undergraduate location Examination (Turkish: Yükseköğretime Geçis Sınavı-Lisans Yerleştirme Sınavı, YGS-LYS), [formerly Student Selection Examination, (Turkish: Öğrenci Seçme Sınavı, ÖSS)], is a standardized test for the admission to raised education in chicken administered by ÖSYM. In the Turkish education system, the only way to enter a university is through this exam. 1, 692, 000 high school graduates took the exam last year. It's a multiple option exam (5 options).


ÖSS was applied when you look at the late 1960s. Before then each university selected their particular students via unique requirements. But because of the increasing range childhood and also the overloaded programs, the universities gathered and founded "Yüksekögretim Kurulu", the greater Education Council, and a subdivision called ÖSYM, "Student Selection and location Center", which began to operate the central ÖSS, Student Selection Examination.

ÖSS and ÖYS between 1980-1999[edit]

In 1980 the sheer number of the examinations had been risen up to two, namely the ÖSS and ÖYS. If a student failed to attain the certain grade in ÖSS, he/she did not have the right to enter ÖYS, and so, lost his or her chance to be acknowledged to a university. ÖSS contains questions about the ninth quality curriculum, and ÖYS ended up being a test regarding the tenth and eleventh grade curriculum. ÖSS removed the students in line with the grade they'd obtained inside exam, and ÖYS placed the students on universities they wished. This system continued until 1999 when ÖYS had been fallen additionally the system reverted on single ÖSS exam, with the same format and exact same concerns.

ÖSS between 1999-2005[edit]

The ÖSS exam had been a 180-minute exam with 180 questions testing students' analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, plus familiarity with the twelfth grade curriculum. Each pupil ended up being likely to respond to the entirety of questions, which spanned listed here subject areas: math, geometry, physics, chemistry, biology, Turkish language, record, location and philosophy.

a foreign language exam, the YDS, ended up being performed weekly following the ÖSS. It absolutely was made up of foreign language concerns in English, French, and German. As with ÖSS, each student solved the concerns of foreign language division they had opted for at highschool.

If students chosen a college department about their particular scientific studies at highschool (specifically systems, personal sciences, or foreign languages), their score ended up being multiplied by 0.8. If students chosen to review at an alternative division from their particular high school concentration, their rating ended up being increased by 0.3.

ÖSS between 2006-2009[edit]

Pupils who took ÖSS in 2006 saw some major changes. The exam now lasted 195 moments, together with two components: ÖSS 1 and ÖSS 2. ÖSS 1 has 120 questions regarding ninth and tenth class curriculum. You will find 30 Turkish, 30 Math 1, 30 Science 1, 30 personal Sciences 1 concerns. Each student must answer every concern despite his/her department.

ÖSS 2 comprises 120 concerns from which pupils must answer 60. Students at the personal sciences department must respond to the social sciences-2 and literature-social test concerns. Students on systems divisions must answer the used sciences-2 and mathematics-2 questions. The students on international languages divisions must respond to the complete ÖSS 1 and language questions; which are tested individually an additional exam named YDS-foreign language exam. The Turkish-Math pupils must answer the literature-social and mathematics-2 concerns.

YGS-LYS (2010-present)[edit]

Starting in 2010, the exam is currently much like the ÖSS-ÖYS system regarding subjects. Students make the Transition to raised knowledge Examination (YGS) in April. Those that pass the YGS tend to be after that eligible for take the Undergraduate positioning assessment (LYS), the second-round exam into the brand-new system happening in Summer. Pupils which only use the YGS, by which students have to respond to 160 concerns (Turkish language (40), maths (40), viewpoint (8), location (12), record (15), faith tradition and morality understanding (5), biology (13), physics (14) and chemistry (13)) in 160 mins, can submit an application for connect degree programs. There are five LYS sessions whereas the prior college entrance system, the ÖSS, occured as soon as in annually for the nation.

Answers are announced in July and pupils need make their college choices because of the first week of August. These are typically put into classes based on their particular results and this is established at the end of August.In Turkish educational system, schools follow a curriculum completely decided because of the state, that makes it better to hold across the country examinations

Criticism of ÖSYS[edit]

"Life = 180 minutes?" is a slogan employed by TED (Turkish Education Association) in 2005 being criticize the ÖSS system for attempting to include most of the work of a student throughout their 12 many years of scholastic life in a 3-hour multiple choice exam. That is probably unfair; however, the president associated with the ÖSYM exam board states that "ÖSS is the only offered university entrance system through to the amount of people which affect universities is lowered."

The most important good reason why ÖSS is being performed rather than personal interviews would be the fact that the full total capability of universities is 450, 000 even though the few prospects planning to study at a college is 1.6 million and it is increasing yearly.

For students, the education they get at school sometimes appears as inadequate to succeed in ÖSS. For that reason, there was an enormous sector in chicken of exclusive evening and weekend cram schools ("dershane") throughout the nation. These institutions prepare pupils solely for examinations, including institution entrance. All "dershane"s compete with each other being produce the "champion", usually the one to score the best mark in chicken. The dersane sector is bolstered yearly by huge news interest as link between the exam are disclosed in addition to pupils who rank in top few show up on TV plus in the periodicals. Last year ÖSYM is taking steps to restrict this interest by charging you magazines 150, 000 TL (75, 000 USD) when it comes to past exam questions, while forbidding tv channels aside from the state-owned TRT from broadcasting the questions.


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