Arjumand Ghazi University of Pittsburgh

October 11, 2016

Daniel Augenbraun
Significant: History of Art and Architecture; Minor: Studio Arts
Discovering Through Training: Generating an Arts Focused Service-Learning Program
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Bender, division of reputation for Art and Architecture

Taylor A. Barbieri
Majors: Economics, Management of Justice
Cyber-Attacks: Virtual Conflict and Implications for International Law
Professors Mentor: Dr. Lisa Nelson, Scholar Class of Public and International Affairs

Joshua Barbin
Majors: History, Africana Studies
The End of Civilization(s)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernard Hagerty, Division of History

Kyle Berkow
Major: Bioengineering
Modeling Knees for Prevention of Early Onset Osteoarthritis
Faculty teachers: Dr. Richard Debski, Department of Bioengineering, SSoE, and Dr. Shawn Farrokhi, division of bodily Therapy, SoM

Gregory Brunette
Significant: Bioengineering
In Vivo Effect of Dexamethasone on Immediate Microglial a reaction to Microdialysis
Professors Mentor: Dr. X. Tracy Cui, Department of Bioengineering, SSoE

Alex Burger
Dick Thornburgh Summer Fellow
Majors: Economics, Politics & Philosophy
’Crime when you look at the rooms:’ Prosecution of standard bank Fraud by the division of Justice, 1988 – 1991
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Lehn, Katz Scholar Class of Business

Reggie Caginalp
Majors: Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics
Follow the Commander: Dynamics of Combined Group Decision-making
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brent Doiron, Division of Mathematics

Andrew Coxon
Major: Neuroscience; Minor: Chemistry
T Antigens From Polyomaviruses Activate an Antiviral Condition
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Teresa Sáenz-Robles, Division of Biological Sciences

Alex DeGrave
Majors: Mathematics, Molecular Biology
Computer Simulations as Tools for Protein-based Change Design
Professors Mentor: Dr. Lillian Chong, Division of Chemistry

Nicholas J. DelBuono
Major: Neuroscience; Small: Chemistry
The Site of Action of NHR-49/PPARα in Fat Metabolism and the aging process in C. elegans
Professors Mentor: Dr. Arjumand Ghazi, Department of Pediatrics, SoM

Yadhu Dhital
Major: Biological Sciences; Small: Biochemistry
Psychological state and Sleep Issues Among Bhutanese Refugees Living in Pittsburgh
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Germain, Dept. of Psychiatry and Psychology, SoM

Thomas Diehl
Significant: Biological Sciences; Minor: Biochemistry
Differential Neuronal Activation Following Passive and Active Odor Exposure
Professors Mentor: Dr. Anne-Marie Oswald-Doiron, Department of Neuroscience

Luke Drnach
Significant: Bioengineering
Carbon Nanotubes as Synthetic Ion Channels
Professors Mentor: Dr. Steven Little, Dept. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, SSoE

Alexandré Gauthier
Significant: Physics; Minors: Mathematics, Computer Science
Nanoelectromechanical Characteristics of LaAIO3/SrTiO3 Single-Electron Transistors
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Levy, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Xiaoyun Gu
Majors: Mathematics, Economics
The Role regarding the Electricity marketplace within the Chinese Economy, With Unique concentrate on Nuclear energy
Professors Mentor: Dr. Thomas G. Rawski, Division of Economics

Thomas Helgerman
Majors: Economics, Mathematics, Philosophy
Examining the influence of Capital Flows in the Formation of resource cost Bubbles in Developing Countries

Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Maloy, Department of Economics

Meghan Hipple
Major: History of Art and Architecture; Minor: Studio Arts
Configuring Procedures: Curating a Collaborative Analysis Exhibition
Professors teachers: Dr. Drew Armstrong, Director of Architectural Studies, and Isabelle Chartier, Curator, University memorial, division of reputation for Art and Architecture

Emily Horstman
Major: Spanish
Coming of Age vs. Difference: the alternative of a Queer Border Bildungsroman in modern teenage Adult Literature
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Armando García, Department of Hispanic Languages & Literatures

Channing Kaiser
Majors: English Literature, English Composing
Relative Representations of India in Indian and west Literature
Professors Mentor: Dr. Michael West, Division of English

Apoorva Kandakatla
Significant: Neuroscience; Small: Chemistry
Regenerative Ophthalmology: Modulating the Immune a reaction to Injury within the CNS utilizing ECM Technology
Professors Mentor: Dr. Michael Steketee, Department of Ophthalmology, SoM

Kaley Kilpatrick
Mary Ellen Callahan Undergraduate Summertime Analysis Fellow
Significant: History of Art and Architecture; Minor: Italian
Checking out Museum Programming for Elderly Individuals with Dementia
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Bender, Department of reputation for Art and Architecture

Robyn Konicki
Significant: Pharmacy
Distinguishing Biomarkers to enhance Diagnosis and Treatment of Severe Dengue illness
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ernesto Torres De Azeved Marques Jr., Center for Vaccine Research, University of Pittsburgh, and division of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, GSPH

Alexandra Krongel
Majors: History, Physics, Background and Philosophy of Science
As well as the tale Goes Backwards: Examining Alchemy’s devote the Scientific Revolution
Professors Mentor: Dr. Janelle Greenberg, Division of History

Jennifer Lines
Majors: Chinese, Linguistics
Communism, Meet Chic: an Analysis for the Shifting Ideological Focuses in Ding Ling’s Work
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kun Qian, Division of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Daniel Malinowski
Majors: Philosophy, English Literature
So what doesn’t Change/ may be the will likely to Change: Charles Olson while the utilization of Marxist Interpretations
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Phillip Smith, Department of English

Allison Mancini
Major: Microbiology; Small: Biochemistry
Actin-Targeting Medicines: A Possible New Therapy for HIV-1
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Velpandi Ayyavoo, Dept. of Infectious Conditions & Microbiology, GSPH

William Matthews
Majors: Correspondence, Mindset
The Animated Man
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Meredith Guthrie, Division of Communication

Brittany McBryde
Major: Personal Perform
The results of Violence in the Adolescent notice
Professors Mentor: Dr. Lovie Jackson Foster, SoSW, Clinical and Translational Science

Reena Naik
Significant: Political Science
A Cross-Regional assessment: examining the Rise of Legal Arbitration as well as its Implications for Economic developing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Glass, Urban Research System

Abbey O’Brien
Major: History of Art and Architecture
Sensational Sickness: The Glorification of Addiction when you look at the resides and Deaths of Pollock and Basquiat
Faculty Mentor: Dr.Gretchen Bender, division of reputation for Art and Architecture

Carly O’Connor
Majors: Neuroscience, Japanese
Combatting Amphetamine: The Role of G Beta-Gamma Subunits on Dopamine Efflux
Professors Mentor: Dr. Edda Thiels, Division of Neurobiology, SoM

Rachel Puralewski
Majors: Neuroscience, English Literature; Small: Biochemistry
Genetic Polymorphism of VAMP1 on VAMP and Brain Function
Faculty teachers: Dr. Etienne Sibille, and Dr. Suzanne Ahmari, division of Psychiatry, SoM and Translational Neuroscience system, UPMC

211 Golden Valley, Kerrville Texas
211 Golden Valley, Kerrville Texas
Texas Valley.mpg
Texas Valley.mpg
Texas "Valley" Vacation Summer 1957
Texas "Valley" Vacation Summer 1957
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