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July 11, 2016
International Law and

It'll cost you around 120-130 TL (Turkish Lira) to take a taxi from Esenboğa airport straight to Bilkent University. You are able to make use of BelkoAir* shuttle buses, which supply transport between the city center and Esenboga airport. The BelkoAir solution fees 8 TL from Esenboğa airport to AŞTI, the Ankara coach place (found around ten full minutes far from university).

* For more information on BelkoAir, you can travel to

You ought to take a taxi after your arrival within AŞTİ Terminal to access Bilkent University. It'll cost you around 40 TL (approx. 15 Euros) from AŞTİ to Bilkent University. Kindly make sure that you have sufficient quantity of TL to you as you have to pay in cash.

Urban Transportation

City Coach Transport
EGO (Elektrik-Gaz-Otobüs) is the acronym for general public bus transportation in Ankara. You can aquire solitary and numerous use coach cards for the most part newsprint kiosks, at EGO booths, as well as Metro and Ankaray channels. Exclusive "Halk" buses provide transportation. EGO cards are not accepted on these buses. Tickets are purchased onboard from a conductor sitting nearby the entry. For routes and prices, see

Metro and Ankaray
Ankara features a rather clean, efficient underground rail system. There's two outlines - Ankaray and Metro. You should use similar EGO repayment card that you apply on town run buses. For Metro and Ankaray routes and rates, look at the website

a town commuter train operates between Sincan at far western of Ankara and Kayaş to your east. Seats can be purchased at train systems. Easy and simple place to make the journey to is Yeniflehir at Sıhhiye, just a quick walk from where the city shuttle bus lets you down. Heading east, the train will go through the Main place where you can transfer to longterm trains.

Intercity Travel

Ankara Şehirlerarası Terminal İşletmesi - Ankara Intercity coach Terminal (AŞTİ) is located on Mevlana Boulevard (referred to as Konya Road). Truth be told there, you will discover buses with service to virtually every location in chicken. Bus transport is an efficient and affordable method to travel. All coach companies tend to be privately possessed, and could have differing service schedules. It is best to make a booking ahead of time for the trip. Take note that a single person is generally sitting close to a passenger of the identical intercourse.

AŞTİ reaches the end of the Ankaray underground system line. The following intercity coach organizations have part offices on Campus for bookings and admission purchasing. They feature special discounts for Bilkenters when you reveal ID.

Taking a trip by train (TCDD-Turkish State Railways) could be enjoyable and inexpensive, although there are not as many tracks available as you can find with buses. Train tickets are sold at many vacation agencies and also at the main place (İstasyon or Gar). Unique prices are offered to instructors. You'll benefit from this discount in the event that you amuse ID. The simplest way to get to the stop is to take the Sıhhiye coach (either SD or SM) from the University campus. Log off at final visit the Sıhhiye Bridge and simply take a dolmuş or a taxi. Even though the main stop is hiking length, it might be tough to achieve this with luggage. For lots more detail by detail information, go to the Turkish State Railway's website at

Kamran İnce "Curve", Ankara University Soloists
Kamran İnce "Curve", Ankara University Soloists
Bilkent University, IAED 2015
Bilkent University, IAED 2015
Bilsezer İnşaat Ankara Bilkent Sağlık Kampüsü İnşaatı
Bilsezer İnşaat Ankara Bilkent Sağlık Kampüsü İnşaatı
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