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July 13, 2016
Ankara University Students

1. Do i must pay a remittance charge while spending the evaluation cost?

No remittance cost would be recharged if you spend the examination fee at a branch of Ziraat Bank in chicken or overseas. But you will be recharged a remittance fee if you pay the assessment fee in another lender, especially abroad since a correspondent bank will make the solution. If that's the case, you need to contact your bank, learn how much it costs to remit cash and spend the assessment cost by adding the remittance charge on total quantity.

2. How can I send my photograph in the AYOS 2015 application?

To be able to make an application for the examination, you really need to have a biometric picture (passport picture) that has been taken in the last three months. You need to scan your picture (in structure of .jpg) and upload it to the system during application.

3. Do four incorrect responses cancel one correct answer?

Into the assessment four incorrect answers will cancel one correct response. How many correct and wrong responses are going to be counted and raw results should be determined by subtracting 1 / 4 of wrong responses from correct answers.

4. Exactly what do raw rating and standard rating mean reported in my own assessment Results Card?

The natural score is determined by subtracting one-fourth of incorrect responses from correct responses. The conventional rating is calculated by turning the raw rating in to the T score which the suggest is 50 additionally the standard deviation is 10.

5. Will the raw rating or the standard score be properly used when you look at the placement process?

Candidates should have a regular rating with a minimum of 50 to become placed in a programme for bachelor’s or connect level at Ankara University. But other universities which accept the AYOS ratings may both use the raw rating and need a lower score when it comes to placement. To find out more, you can get in touch with the universities which accept the AYOS results for placement.

6. Which are the nature and content of this AYOS concerns?

The “Basic training Skills Test” regarding the AYOS 2015 is going to be prepared and performed in Turkish and English. This test aims at calculating applicants’ ability of abstract reasoning and reasoning. 40 percent regarding the test consists of questions which measure candidates’ understanding of mathematics, and 60 % of it consists of concerns which measure applicants’ information about form and space. Concerns will be prepared as multiple-choice concerns and five different alternatives will undoubtedly be given for every question.

Farhad Shidfar solo saz Ruhani Ankara university concert
Farhad Shidfar solo saz Ruhani Ankara university concert ...
Ankara University Dorms
Ankara University Dorms
[video] 120205 Jaejoong @ Ankara University_by mgtalay
[video] 120205 Jaejoong @ Ankara University_by mgtalay
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