Ankara School for the blind

August 12, 2017
Teenaged blind boy from Aleppo

An informal understanding center in Turkish capital is giving hope to Syrian kiddies, including some with unique needs, through knowledge

Teenaged blind brothers from Aleppo Ammar Atiye (C), 13, and Muhammed Atiye (roentgen), 17, are noticed on a street since it rains in Ankara, chicken on 6 January 2016 (AA)

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By Servet Gunerigok

The lives of two teenaged blind brothers from Aleppo might appear hopeless on the exterior, but Ammar Atiye and Muhammed Atiye harbour dreams to become scholars in Ankara someday.

Their eyes are since white as snowfall, but their hopes and dreams are since colourful whilst the grape purple paint regarding exterior wall space of their casual understanding center building on Onder Street within the borders of an unhealthy neighbourhood within the Turkish capital.

The Atiye brothers had been produced blind, however it is believed that medical practioners can certainly cure their particular loss of sight if a donor pays for their particular high priced treatment.

But as they await the arrival of such magic, the Syrian duo depend on discovering the word of God for hope and support. With their fingers on a Braille Quran within centre known as Madrasa-tul-Tafawwuq (Arabic for School of triumph), the brothers told Anadolu department about their particular might to learn the Turkish language and technology including their large try to don the robes of a religious scholar someday.

The brothers appeared making use of their family in chicken in 2014. Thirteen-year-old Ammar recalled his typical life in Aleppo’s al-Shaar neighbourhood before it emerged under assault because of the Bashar al-Assad federal government. He remembered how the household moved to Tel Jibin village and desired protection there for eight months as their father abandoned all of them and then returned to take them to protection in Turkey.

The older bro Muhammed, aged 17, stated that while they today are now living in safety in Turkey, they want to pursue highschool and university training like many youth what their age is. He wants he could have a laptop might help him along with his unique needs knowledge.

Whilst the opportunities offered during the centre tend to be no place near what the Syrian kids, especially those with special needs, desire to, it really is a tiny step to enable people like the two blind brothers from Aleppo to obtain an additional possibility in life.

The man behind the center, 25-year-old Syrian Yusuf Mohamad, told Anadolu department that he got the thought of teaching Syrian kiddies while being involved in humanitarian work.

"While distributing humanitarian aid to Syrians, i then found out that anything had been amiss, " Mohamad said.

"Education, " he said in the cool office-like space within the dilapidated building. "Syrian kiddies [here] had been killing their particular amount of time in front side of television sets and on the roads discovering how to swear, " Mohamad stated, adding he desires to hold kiddies off the streets.

But while Mohamad's attempts tend to be commendable, far more will likely be necessary to hold all kids off the roads. Away from centre, a few could possibly be seen standing around a fire to help keep on their own hot inside biting cool, while many kids may be seen offering second-hand shoes at Onder Street, which was a hub for nearly 40, 000 Syrians searching for protection in Ankara.

Brothers Muhammed and Ammar in their house with their particular cat and their mother when you look at the background (AA)

Meanwhile, Mohamad explained exactly how kids at his centre continue to be scarred by the war in Syria.

"whenever some kids notice the sound of lightning, they say 'planes are coming' and try to conceal [themselves into the tiny classrooms]. Some were additionally drawing bloodstream and tanks [during their initial days at the centre], however now they've been attracting plants and mosques, " he stated.

There are two main split structures for male and feminine students at centre, which is run locally utilizing the help of volunteers. Around 300 pupils, including 200 male pupils, are taught the Quran alongside math, biology, geography and Turkish language right here.

Mohamad recalled the simple origins of his center with regards to lacked also appropriate heating in 2013. He stated the endeavour would not are feasible minus the help of his Turkish and Syrian pals.

"I desired the aid of my buddies in Syria first; usually the one who had been learning math came and began teaching it right here, after that another one who was studying theology stumbled on teach besides, " he added.

Some Turkish volunteers heard about the centre and 25 had been today assisting pupils understand the Turkish language, Mohamad stated, incorporating that their "Turkish brothers" also assisted in supplying educational materials. A personal Syrian college in southeastern Gaziantep province additionally provided the center textbooks and notebooks.

Whilst huge most of young ones within center do not have special needs like the two brothers, numerous have missed from school for so long they barely understand the alphabet.

Ali Shihabi, the teacher of math within centre, said that many Syrian kiddies at center had not gotten any formal training over the past 3 years, and some didn’t even have basic knowledge.

"there are several 12-year-old children who have only learnt the alphabet, " Shihabi stated.

The task prior to the government and exclusive organisations to simply help Syrian kids remains daunting. Syria’s devastating municipal war, now in its fifth year, features so far kept at least 250, 000 men and women lifeless, in line with the UN, while Turkey hosts 2.5 million Syrians plus since the war started.

According to Yusuf Buyuk, a deputy undersecretary during the education ministry, some 300, 000 Syrian refugees which fled their particular country as a result of civil war are currently being offered education in chicken, with great efforts being meant to integrate Syrians in to the training system in the united kingdom's 81 provinces.

While centres like Yusuf Mohamad's on Onder Street run individually, they successfully aid the Turkish federal government's want to teach all Syrian refugee kids in the country.

Although the class of Success's true success are going to be known just inside years to come, it's currently making a big change.

Hassan Jumma, a 12-year-old kid also from Aleppo, was one-star example on center, just who spoke proficient Turkish with Anadolu department. "I am happy with my teachers right here, " he stated.

Another 12-year-old, Abdul Azeez Mohamed, that has been in Ankara going back seven months, said: "May Allah be pleased about all of them, it [the center] has actually numerous benefits. I am learning some research and some Quran, " he stated.

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